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Vicious. Vain. Virulent.

Virulent Femmes

Virulent Femmes
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Virulent Femme: Bitterly hateful, angry, or poisonus female.

Anarchy is for the weak. With that said, here's the rules.
1.) No homophobia, sexism, racism, or any other "isms." Isms are bad news.
2.) No drama. Cause problems and you'll be shut down like a Dell PC.
3.) Stay active. A list of people inactive for more than a month will be posted sporadically.
4.) There is no longer a need to put up an application, but please fill out the short survey about yourself upon joining.
4.) Pictures are always excellent. One picture not behind an LJ cut is fun. A bunch of pictures not behing an LJ-cut is not fun. Put them behind an cut or your entry will be deleted. No time for slow-loadingness.
5.) This needs to be said again. Stay active or else!

The Mods

concealedcliche rockabettie77

Little things we want to know about yourself.

Marital Stats:

Your top 10 bands [punk music or any of its subcultures(no not emo)is prefered]:
Your top 10 movie list:
All time favorite band and why:

PHOTOGRAPHY(Not required, but appreciated.)

Theme-Week FOUR:Your all time favorite picture of yourself.

Femme of the Month-October
Position not feeled.

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